north east
an artist's travelogue from the north east

an artist’s travelogue from the north east

Jim Holyoak is a Montréal-based artist and writer. His discipline is comprised of drawing-installations and book-works, exploring the bridges and boundaries between perception and fantasy, humans and other animals, deep time and the present, the biological and the monstrous. Holyoak’s drawings and ink-paintings range in size from postcards and zines to dense paper-environments, tailored to...
dibru saikhowa national park - assam

dibru saikhowa national park – assam

Dibru-Saikhowa National Park is one of the Bio-Diversity hotspots in Assam. It mainly comprise of grassland, while a part of the park is wetland.
yuksom, west sikkim : homestay & around

yuksom, west sikkim : homestay & around

Yuksom, a beautiful little hamlet in west Sikkim, is where I concluded my 14-day Sikkim experience; when in fact as per my rough plans, we (my cousin and I) had two more destinations on the list before it was time to go back.
caving adventures - meghalaya, north east india

caving adventures – meghalaya, north east india

A trip to the northeastern states of India is never complete without visiting Meghalaya (where the clouds live) which has some of the wettest parts of the world. Cherapunjee was once ranked highest with some bizzare average of 364 days of rains each year. Theres waterfalls, abundant natural beauty, mountains, clouds, rains, forests … and...

Bhut Jolokia – assam’s dynamite

Try at your own risk! All you Habanero hunters.. the Bhut Jolokia, which means ghost chillies grows only in Assam and has only recently been declared the HOTTEST chilly in the world by the Guniness Book of World records. Heat from chillies is mesaured in Scoville heat units. Bhut Jolokia registers in at 1,001,304 Scoville...

assam festival in mid april

Assam – called the gateway to the northeast is slowly rising on the places-to-see chart. Totally worth going all the distance. Of course theres many things to do like staying at the Kaziranga national park, check out the local rock music scene, watch elephant polo or just get a dose of assamese culture. Rongaali Bihu...